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Permanent Entry Visa

This visa enables applicants to settle down permanently in Australia for work, study and /or better life.

  • Australian are known for their laid-back approach to life and their warm, welcoming nature which makes this a perfect place to settle down for good.
  • Travel, work, study and live anywhere throughout Australia.
  • The subsidised education system here is at par with any other world class university and Australian qualifications are recognised world over.
  • Better and subsidised healthcare for PR in Australia, makes immigration to Australia one of the best choices.
  • The minimum wages in Australia are among the highest in the world giving you access to better standard of living.
  • Due to a strong economy, Australia has multiple job opportunities across multiple sectors.
  • Cities in Australia are well managed and supervised.
  • Australia is a considered to be among the safest countries in the world, making it an ideal place to bring up your family.
  • The views of Government of Australia are encouraging towards immigration.
  • Vibrant, multicultural cities.
  • The weather of Australia is not very harsh.
  • More stable and reliable political environment.
  • Better opportunity for saving.